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Does The Economy Determine Your Success?

Attitude more than anything will determine success in business. Not the government, not statistics, not the economy. Individuals who buy into these factors will always struggle, believing they have no control over their results.

The innovative entrepreneur will always find a way to succeed, knowing that success does not depend on anyone but themselves and their willingness to think outside of the box and stop letting some outside force control their results. This is the type of individual that creates success, no matter what the “economy” is doing…..

I just read an article that states statistics, what the experts are saying, etc. about the current state of the economy. However, within 15 seconds of reading this article, I started thinking about how valid this is in “my world.” I thought immediately about six business people I personally know within a 1-hour radius of me. Let’s take a look at these individual businesses:

1 – I had a conversation just two weeks ago with this person. The individual works for a busy professional. Her words in the conversation were, “there is no bad economy in my world – the person I work for is so busy, we can’t find a minute more in the day to squeeze in another appointment.” Therefore, this employer and all their employees are experiencing abundance!

2 – This person has a farm. They purchased some additional inventory to create an additional stream of income a couple of years ago that is separate from what they are doing in their main business. This has been so successful they literally can’t keep up, and this new source of inventory has become even more successful than their initial mainstream.

3 – This individual was downsized from a factory a few years ago. Instead of complaining about their raw deal, they re-educated on an entirely new skill which was totally unrelated to what they had done for 20 years. They started a new business in what appeared to be a very competitive local market. They provide a service within that business that none of the other businesses are offering. Result – they can’t keep up and are doing double the business that most of the other related businesses are doing.

4 – This individual was also downsized from a factory in the past year. Again, instead of complaining they took their payout from the layoff and bought a business…..the key to this person’s success is that the business is something that they were already passionate about, and were a customer of prior. I have never seen this person happier, healthier or more vibrant! They are busier than they ever were working their job, are actually working physically harder, but absolutely loving it and have increased the business substantially over the last business owner. And, they now have time to walk their dog every day!

5 – These business owners are having tremendous success in their company, despite the fact that they are in an industry that has had tremendous adversity due to challenges with their product line. When many other business owners in other cities are experiencing downsizing due to the challenge with the product line, these business owners are growing, hiring and prospering with the exact same challenges! They are innovative, they provide excellent customer service, and they treat their employees with massive respect and support.

6 – This business owner has an existing business that has been around for a couple of generations. It would be easy to be complacent and just keep doing things the way they have always been done over the years, especially in this “economy.” Instead, they decided to knock down some walls, do some renovations, and expand their product line. They have created a new way for people to do business with them and are not limiting themselves to what has worked in the past.

What do all of these success stories have in common?

– They don’t get sidetracked by statistics of the so-called “experts.”
– They are passionate about what they are doing.
– They think outside of the box – offering something that others are not.
– Instead of playing it safe because of the fear that is being instilled by the media, they are stepping out and playing big, taking risks and creating opportunities for themselves.
– They are willing to do something they haven’t done before to get a result they haven’t experienced before.
– They are willing to let go of the past comfort zones to create new possibilities.
– They don’t let adversity stop them; they find ways around challenges.

These are the qualities of success! We truly create our own realities. We will either buy into the government, the economy or the statistics and believe these factors determine our success, OR, we will make a choice to go out and create our own success our own way. That is what successful entrepreneurs do…..we find a way when there is no way. THIS is the future of our economy…..entrepreneurs, small business owners that are willing to do what it takes to turn the economy around. When we as individuals are willing to do this for ourselves, we are creating an opportunity for others as well. When enough people start doing this, a shift starts to happen, and it becomes evident that we do have control, and we do not need to rely on the government, corporations, experts or statistics.

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