Creativity Unseen


Creativity Unseen

Creativity Unseen

I must admit the arrival of faith in love and its guidance in my life has been a gradual process. There was no burst of light, no burning bush just a gradual cleansing of the fog of despair hiding God’s plan for my life.

Between midnight and 3:00 a.m., is when I get my clearest and most exciting messages from the unseen. I learned to lie stretching my body and my mind to all possibilities.

Angels are our behind-the-scenes team. If you have personal or career entanglements, think about how your angels can help you. Let your imagination run with this idea. If you are awake around 3:00 in the morning, that is when they are hovering and wanting to communicate. I enjoy their presence early before others wake.

Angels are thought to be expressions through which the essences of God can be transmitted. Our greatest reward is to pay attention to our angelic hosts.
We can open a dialogue with our angels by letting a stream of purity flow through our hearts. Angels are like balls of creative energy bouncing around us with a gentle comfortable wind at our necks.

Acknowledge your angels when you are in the flow of creative expression and they will fill your mind with the exact answers you are looking for. We keep our life- force strong by partnering with God’s angels.

Angels want to encourage us to have fun, be wild, laugh, frolic, play, be courageous, and be spontaneous. Acknowledge your angels, and they will dance within and around you. It is my mission in life is to inspire others to reach out to their angels. Perhaps, on some level, we do the best things for ourselves when we’re a little off-balance, a little scared. True love comes from working from mystery, wonder, and not knowing.

Saint Raphael Poem

Healing what is not right with wisdom and grace,
can happen in the twinkling of an eye,
Saint Raphael is my muse and I am his.

Saint Raphael gets his power from the sun,
and stoking our passions with delight,
burning the midnight oils with a voracity of unparalleled love,
glistening in the day for us, and glowing at night.

With wings and horned-head as handsome as any can be,
when wrestling with Satan and his demons for our souls,
Saint Raphael is my muse and I am his,
he whispers in my ears at night,
“Let your passions flow for others
like the moving of water, healing yourself along with others.”

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