Changing Studies to Explain a Woman’s Mind


Before the stock market crashes and the sky falls…I must confess… Psychology was never a science.

Psychology is a make-work project for the endless supply of people who get a Ph.D. in Psychology, every year, from all around the world!
“Psychology is intellectual masturbation,” said an old mentor I knew along the way. Oh, it is. It’s in the archives. Accept it.


It was progress for the women’s right to get the vote. The successes of the civil rights movement were progress. Why the fuss?! Recently, I came across by happenstance an Islamic woman on public transit, reading a Women’s Studies textbook. Yes, she was covered in that traditional Islamic garment. I fully expect women from the developing world will discover women’s studies, read it, get educated on it, and yet not acquire any relevant skill for employment from it, preventing prosperity from coming to a land and people that have known nothing but war.

Face it, if one goes to the best schools, like an elite school, the education matters. The brand name for Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, and Berkley, all trump reason itself. Did William Shakespeare, or Charles Dickens, have such an education from such a school? Hemingway? Theodore Dreiser? Sinclair Lewis?

Bestselling authors like Danielle Steel and Jackie Collins didn’t have it either.

By the way, I was once told by a manager of a Dollar Store that the real bestselling book is the Ontario driver manual. No elite school there. Any hoot, I propose one thing that they should change in Women’s Studies.
And that is?
Change the title to Studies to Explain a Woman’s Mind.
Why? All those experts with the much-respected reputations and Ph.D.’s in Psychology would chair such a class, using their mental prowess to explain the Woman’s Mind. It would be like the Manhattan Project, a make-work project for the intellectuals finally with a purpose.

One thing that irks me. At the end of the day I would still be called a misogynist. That I will never understand. That being said, if today’s women wished to comprehend the men’s mind, all they would have to do is view this video.


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