Sex Ed Should Change to Thought Management


Some people can’t manage their thoughts, their thoughts manage them, leading to more alcoholics, drug addicts, depression, obesity, anorexia, child molesters, some diseases, and gays.  In order to complete this picture, we must see the commonality in all people.

Can we correct these behaviors? If not, nature does have variety. The only way to work with it is to look to the past.  Look all the way to Ancient Greece and Rome, where Aristotle and Plato wrote about it.  Remember the Roman Bacchii cults? In 323 Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, made it the official religion and banned any other experimental lifestyle.

substance-abuseThe Bacchii cults are no different from today’s rave culture.  When Hermann Hesse wrote in his time, he wrote against Hitler and the Nazis.

Surprisingly, when the 1960’s arrived, the young people rediscovered his books and applied his philosophy against American Imperialism, leading to the successes in the Civil Rights movement and the woman’s right to vote. In that era, they had noble ideals and it had positive results, yet today’s activists have lost their ideals and direction. Activists in the past had goals, ideals and this led to progress.

Today’s activists are not happy with this reality; they have to create a new reality. This comes in the form of labels. For example, the terms ‘homophobic’, ‘sexist’, and ‘racist’ were created because someone used their mind. Unfortunately, those who use such terms do not use their minds but label. They label everything, backing it up with raw emotion, causing endless arguments which lead to censorship, much like the dogma from organized religion that was so prevalent in the past, stifling reason and fair debate.

Just look in government, politicians reflect public opinions, and when they get to a position of power, they do the opposite, which has led to the decline of liberalism in Canada and in Europe and the rise of Conservatism, which is against the very ideals they mimicked from higher education. Thus, the only way to give liberalism a fighting chance is to eradicate politically correct studies in school.  In exchange, Sex Ed in the school system should be changed to Thought Management and pattern such a course in Hermann Hesse’s book, The Glass Bead Game.

Such a course would begin with a five to ten-minute meditation and teach youngsters the power of positive affirmations and creative visualizations. For example, ‘I am the Master of my own fate.’ Or how about ‘I am the Captain of my own soul!’ To combat depression—‘Concentrate on sadness and you will be sad.’  ‘I manage my own thoughts, my thoughts don’t manage me.’ Such affirmations should be created, studied, memorized.

Thought Management should be taught and the curriculum decided by proven Indigo Adults. Why? If a regular teacher taught Thought Management, it would end up much like political correctness, which has created a generation of narrow-minded ideologues, proving human intuition goes further than the study of psychology. If this generation is unconventional and experimental, let’s help them to expand their minds, be centered, and enlightened. This generation is transformative and should not be labelled. If some of them are still set in their own ways, nature does have variety.

Thought Management is the Sex Ed of the 21st century!

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