Dealing With A Breakup During Quarantine

3 Useful Tips


Breakup During Quarantine

Breakup During Quarantine

Self-isolation has unexpectedly burst into the lives of many people. Now, many are forced to stay at home and spend all their time in a limited space. How to deal with the breakup and reduce discomfort? Our article will tell you all the details.

The psychological situation heats up daily, mainly when a small living space is divided among several family members. Everyone has to adjust to their new life and spend much more time together than before. Many couples fail this test, and quarrels begin. If nevertheless, the couple decided to give up and the decision was made, then the recommendations here would be similar to those relevant in the “pre-Coronavirus” period of life, only with minor additions. Can’t deal with a breakup? This article will give you the main reasons for a quarantine breakup, hoping that you can still avoid them. Here are three essential tips for dealing with the breakup and easing your mental health if this does happen.

The Causes Of Conflicts During Self-Isolation

Before looking for the quarrels’ causes in other family members, remember what previously hindered conflict and analyze how life had changed now.

  • Perhaps you were always working and getting very tired, so there was no time to focus on the negative moments.
  • Perhaps the quarrels began based on the questionable financial situation due to the crisis.
  • An abrupt change in habits to which you did not have time to adapt could irritate everyone and everything.
  • Previously, the couple also lacked mutual understanding on key issues, which was only intensified by the crisis.
  • You are not ready to compromise in the current conditions and choose the abuser’s position about your partner.

The last option is a time bomb for your relationship. If the habit becomes the only argument for agreement, the situation will worsen. If you still can’t avoid parting, try to get through it as comfortably as possible. Our tips will help you to learn how you can deal with a breakup.

How To Deal With A Breakup During Quarantine?

Do What Is under Your Control

It is normal to feel fear, uncertainty, and anxiety because the situation is unknown and complex. During a breakup, your anxiety and sadness will intensify, and it will be difficult for you to deal with it alone. 

After all, when we worry, we can forget about many things that are still under our control: we can still call our parents, do some work, read books, and keep in touch with friends online. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in negative thoughts; find support from loved ones and favorite activities.

Learn To Accept Help

Do not neglect others’ help, but set the limits of what is permitted:

  1. Tell your family and friends about how they can be useful to you and how closely you are ready to communicate now.
  2. Ask not to discuss certain topics with you, not to arrange surprises for you to “stir up,” and so on.
  3. Tell them openly what you need, from everyday needs to emotional needs. Your sincerity will help to set up communication with friends and family, who, unfortunately, do not always know how to behave correctly in such situations.

Help Your Body

Breaking up a relationship is a big burden for the psyche. Why is it so hard to deal with a breakup? We don’t just say “heart breaks” or “soul hurts” – the body is going through serious psychophysiological stress. The cardiovascular system, digestion, hormones, sleep, and the ability to rest, the natural flow of the day and night rhythm – all this comes under attack.

During difficult changes in life, it is vital to remember that you are in an unusual state for yourself, and, if possible, help yourself and use all the methods to deal with a breakup: eat well, get enough sleep, do exercises to relieve stress, meditate, eat those foods that give strength and do not overload the body.



Due to the forced quarantine, many couples have faced the problem of routine. After all, if earlier they had different work schedules and needs for communication or rest, they now practically spend all their time together, without resting.

All over the world, spouses are increasingly filing for divorce. We sincerely hope that your couple will manage to avoid breaking up. However, if it does happen, we wish you to deal with it and hope that our advice will help you.

Tell us about your relationship experience during the quarantine. Did you manage to find a compromise with your partner, or did it not end so well? Share your story in the comments.

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