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As it Kills (Dedicated to an Addict)

As it Kills

As it Kills

Voices crying out in despair,
The hearts too broken to repair.
Do you care?
You push, you pull, you try to fight.
Yet from the darkness you see no light.
It’s not in sight. 

Your obsession is there you cannot hide it.
The sickness it grips you, you dare not fight it.
How can it be that this disease can destroy?
Reducing one down from a man to a boy.

It tears us apart, it leaves us for dead.
The fuel of our thoughts is what keeps it fed.
Feeding and beating, it grows and it grows.
Your soul it is bleeding, and it surely shows.

You chase it you fight it, you try to deny it.
You scream, you dream, you’ve reached the obscene.
The disease runs so deep, you sit and you weep.
Death of innocence, life of pain; finally it drove you completely insane.

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