A Miracle Would Occur


A Miracle Would Occur

A long time ago, when someone was having a really hard time, a miracle would occur.

We can find thousands of stories in the library on the subject. Some are based on a true story and some on fantasy, but they have a happy ending. Nowadays you hear about those stories, only when it helps in the ratings, which means that it must be really extreme, maybe a matter of life or death.

A Miracle Would Occur

But what about the rest of the miracle needing situations? Do miracles exist for non-extreme situations, or are they not miracle worthy?

So how can one lift up his life, upgrade a level, without falling further down? How can you see the light with all the clouds that cover your sight? When comes the turning point of seeing a clearance when every day seems to be cloudier?

Can people that don’t really make a big difference in the global world, fall down so deep into uncertainty, when actually they were only trying to make their life better in a very not extreme way, without turning to illegal stuff or taking risks or solutions from unacceptable sources. And moreover, the uncertainty of the mistake they were making is an important factor, because once you know where you went wrong, you are halfway to the solution.

Where can you find help, even when you know that it’s too late? I think that there is no help in these areas because the damage is already done. There are no hospitals for this, or garages or any other institutes for that matter who can fix it.

The only solid fact is that some essence of positivity should be injected into those people’s minds, in order to be able to move forwards and could thus actually accept the miracle or unexpected turn in their life when it comes.

The third thing that could probably delay this miracle, if it will ever come, is the fact that their situation is not half as disturbing as those who are in a real critical situation in life (talking about horror cases, god forbid), in which case miracles should be better used for those people, rather than for those with average problems.

So where will salvation come from for those average people?
How do you lift yourself before total crushing?
How do you fix your life?
When are you allowed to feel down, and when should you keep on fighting?

Can you stop trying?

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    chris says

    I need a miracle too Smadar. Can you help me?

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