A Father’s Love


A Father's Love

A Father’s Love: Most women are born with maternal instincts. All about the time, we start to hit puberty our hormones start to take on a life of their own.

We begin to make the change from a girl into a woman. It’s not always a pleasant experience, physically and emotionally. I remember feeling like the world was ending when I had a fight with a friend.

And boys…they were an alien creature that went from hot to cold, and cold to hot at the rate of a racehorse. Hmmm, have they altered much??

These transformations are a sign that our body is preparing to reproduce.

Not every woman is filled with a desire or fondness for having children, but what I have noticed, as I did myself, teenage girls have deep patience and kindness toward children. Therefore, parents hire teenage girls as babysitters.

But my question, are men born with paternal instinct? Do they have a natural capability to become a father? I have heard from men that they are overcome with a sense of fright when they learn they will be a father. Suddenly, their responsibilities have tripled and they are set upon a new, mystifying path of becoming a role model to a little, and dependent being.

When I think of a mother’s love for her child, my first thought is breastfeeding. It holds such importance, especially in the first months of a baby’s life. It gives a mother the chance to bond with her precious child. Not to say that bottle feeding lacks in this sensational bond, but a woman is given this capability not only to provide nourishment but to share in nurturing moments that implant within a child for years to come. Studies on breastfeeding have proven this.

When I think of a father’s love, I think of the moment his child is born into the world. The moment he sets his curious, and maybe misty, gaze upon a tiny human being. The first touch, the first time he holds her in his arms…it’s all amazing to watch. A masculine, strong man melting into tears and mush over a toothless, chubby wonder.

If I had to guess, I’d say this is also an astonishing, and transforming moment for a man. I’ve seen boys become men under the bewitchment of their child. I’ve seen men with the coldest heart turn soft with the flash of a child’s grin.

A mother’s love is wonderful, but somehow, a father’s love is like watching the man you love to move mountains. In this, a father/child’s bond becomes permanent.

  1. Ruby Goldschmitt says

    nice piece ,great .==

  2. Anne Senne says

    Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the article.

  3. Giusi says

    Dear Rhonda, I went through a similar experience so I really relate to your article.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Stellina says

    Wow, I saw this piece got almost 1400 views, just from StumbleUpon.
    It’s a nice article, but it must have something to do with the title too to make people wanna read it in such numbers?

  5. Eva A Blaskovic says

    A great article, Rhonda. “The first touch, the first time he holds her in his arms…it’s all amazing to watch. A masculine, strong man melting into tears and mush over a toothless, chubby wonder” and “I’ve seen boys become men under the bewitchment of their child”: I have witnessed these moments as well, and it is beyond words. Men are often not given enough credit.

  6. Michael W Staib says

    Dear Ms. Carver, I completely concur with all the aforementioned comments! I most thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of this profoundly poignant piece…an inspiring message for perhaps any true man to appreciate! Thank you for sharing! Brilliant! Michael

  7. Michael W Staib says

    Thank you again! Excellent work!

  8. Alan Place says

    I wouldn’t know about a father’s love.
    I found out a few months before my mother died that I was not wanted; something I think I had always suspected as nothing I did was ever right.

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