How to Promote your Book?

Promote your Book

Promote your Book

Many authors and aspiring writers ask themselves what are the best practices to get their work read, reviewed, and possibly published. A great deal of debate is going on about what are acceptable ways to promote one’s work. 

Getting the Most out of Critique & Comments

At some point in your writing career, you should seek feedback on your work. Sure, your mom can look it over. Your best friend can read your new novel, but one of the best sources for critiques is from your peers if you want honest criticism.

A Critique Can Be Wrong

An important aspect you must consider is that critiques or opinions can be wrong. Even professional editors aren’t always right. Just be prepared to take each critique seriously and see if you can apply it to your work.

I Like your Story

Someone said they like your work. Great!
Then they start to get into a more solid critique. Don’t automatically tune out everything after the BUT…

If you think it’s totally off the mark, move on. Ask other writers in our community about the person’s comments. Don’t be afraid. You’re here to further your writing vocation.

I Hate your Story

That’s hardly feedback, and it’s definitely not constructive. We frown upon this type of comment and won’t allow it. This could even result in this member being banned from the magazine.

This situation hardly ever happens, but if it does, we take firm action. We want to help you build your writing confidence instead of allowing such comments to destroy a writer’s confidence. Being constructive is the key.

Positives and Negatives

On that note, when giving feedback on another’s work, why not point out both the positives and the negatives? If the plotline is strong, say so. If the characters need work, let the writer know.

This approach can work miracles for a struggling writer – no matter what their level of experience. Whether you’re just starting or have already published several novels, Angie’s Diary can help you get a fresh perspective on your writing. If you’re ready to gain a new appreciation for the writing process and network with your fellow writers, then give our magazine a shot. You won’t regret it.

Get…But DO Give

Don’t expect your fellow authors to overwhelm you with comments on your first post – of course, it does happen, even regularly – but instead, start giving feedback on the work other writers have posted, as they will almost certainly reciprocate. That’s the beauty of this magazine.

I Don’t Know How to Give Feedback

Of course, you do. Just as you can spot strong and weak points in your own work, you can point out the same in other people’s work.

As a matter of fact, by reading work from other writers, you can help develop a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Developing that sense will help you in your writing and improve your skills along the way.

Helpful hints

If your real goal is to get read, get to the Top Ten, and get published by Harper-Collins or similar publishing houses, here are some ideas that are NOT in violation of Angie′s Diary policy:

Get the most out of your Premium or PRO account:

  • Post an excerpt or a chapter of the book you want to promote
  • Ask for an author interview
  • Have a reader post a book review
  • Mail us with the Amazon details of the book to be promoted
  • 50% discount on Book of the Week publications

Best Practice:

  1. It has proven to be very valuable to share your posts on several social networks (click one or more of the social network buttons like the ones below this text)
  2. Ask your friends and colleagues to do the same

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