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My writing career started at the age of 62. Mandy The Alpha Dog, a story of overcoming all obstacles was written to help my grand daughter deal with her fears due to the divorcing of her parents. Mandy, the first book in the series The Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street is illustrated in cartoon fashion to entertain and educate the 7-12 year old, our target audience.

I have been blessed through my marriage in traveling from coast to coast and border to border in this vast and beautiful county, the United States. I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1945 and after marriage at the tender age of 19, the adventures began. I forwent my education to become a high school teacher/librarian and worked to educate my husband who taught in colleges, prisons, and on reservations. He also served in the Navy which added to our transitory wanderings. During our migration, I put my business background to work in office services and in tutoring.

Our goal in life has always been to help the ’underdog’ and to insure that there is a healthy environment mentally, physically, and spiritually.

A minimum of 10% of our proceeds go to animal rescue or other charities as the books deem.

I am in many groups including Angie's Diary, The Booktrap, Indie Author's Network, and The Peacock Writers.

United States
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