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You Are the Kids’ Best Companion

Dear teacher,

Young learners eagerly tend to thrive
Into a foreign language they need to dive
They are naturally zealous, curious, energetic, and alive
And sometimes are hyper and loud as if in a beehive
You should scaffold them all along the drive,
Provide them with adequate tools to survive
And consider the appropriate ways you should contrive

Dear teacher,
Young learners are fragile and vulnerable
With affection and care you should handle
With them into language learning you will travel
To stroll around their world that is not ample
But cozy, overwhelming and still humble
Use your magic to make them twinkle
And make their learning setting real and meaningful

Dear Teacher,
Young learners are individuals with different smarts
Some use their brains, others use their hearts
Some prefer auditory styles, others fancy kinesthetic arts
Consider these differences when designing lesson parts
And make your objectives clear as if playing darts
Engage them in activities and assign purposeful projects
Make of their performance a shiny surface that reflects
Your successful mission to embrace those sweethearts

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