World Cultures Within Kids’ Reach


world cultures

Dear language teacher,
Young learners are known for malleability
And zeal to quench their curiosity
So as to grasp life aspects and any novelty
Why not seize such a golden opportunity
And make their future free from hostility?

Dear language teacher,
It is mainly your responsibility
To offer young learners the immunity
To stereotypes, prejudice and bigotry
By exposing them to a selected variety
Of other people’s culture and society

Dear language teacher,
Enrich every class with an extra activity
About cultural aspects of a different community
Be careful! Select your items with sincerity
And mind those concealing duplicity
To avoid any backfire and unexpected tragedy
Dear language teacher,
When it comes to techniques and methodology
Do some readings to broaden your creativity
Then adjust them to match learner specificity
Make use of twenty-first century technology
To manage motivating hands-on activity

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Great advice in a quickly-changing and ever-more global environment!

    1. Avatar of C the P
      C the P says

      Thank you Andrew for your appreciation even though you have read the two last stanzas only. Something went wrong when the poem was first published and the two first stanzas disappeared. I am so sorry for that. Now, I am inviting you to reread it again.

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