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Words now Pictures - triptych

Art and writing goes together. Recently I spent time on three 10 x 10 drawings for a local art show. What I wanted most of all were three pictures, each related and each one telling its own story. Since I love history, it didn’t take long for me to know the concept I would use but the challenge would be the small space with a great amount of detail. The second challenge; each drawing in colored pencil and not enough time, I could not use the medium I normally work with, oils, not enough time to dry. I took the challenge and went forward. When I finished the project, I came up with this short poem, “A-R-T.” I wanted to share it with you.


It had to be art….

It became your obsession
you craved it,
desired it,
so you knew it was art.

The right side of the brain
used your left hand,
satisfied – your appetite.

You never knew art
grew inside ones’ heart.
You sang like a bird,
flew to find another world –
then your world came alive.

It had to be art
dancing, singing, laughing,
arranging, teaching,
rehearsing –
in front of a face-less – audience . . .

Create a few lines –
deep inside,
your thought’s are processing
to your internal masterpiece.

You knew it was art
a personal memory board,
as you closed you eye’s
it flashed – on and off –
neurons danced inside your head.

It had to be art….
The day you heard a false applause,
when the audience roared –
It’s called appreciation, admiration,
no one censured
your potential strength – it was art….
no reason to patronize
illustrious, prominent
and obviously celebrated;

It was always there –
historic, momentous,
and kind:

Theories of your mind –
Pictures of the soul –
Words now pictures.

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