No Words


“Sticks & stones may break my bones

But, words will never hurt me”
Sometimes, no words, can express how you feel
The aching & numbness, makes it seem so unreal
The unexpected news, of a loss, you now know
To express it in words, is much harder to show
Words, full of anger, hate, lies or deceit
Hidden behind a façade, when others cheat
Saying they Love you, a word they can’t show
With the mask, gone, hurt & pain, will grow
Words, could be, a critical review
Someone’s opinion, about what we do
Our dedication & efforts, they can’t see or know
Their lack of respect, can make us feel low
Words, can teach, support or inspire
Helping us to attain, goals that are higher
Written or verbal, shared by those who know
Their experience & knowledge, will help us grow
Words, of Love, we can all, freely share
Letting, others know, that we really do care
Whether, family or friends, of blood or creed
Or, anyone we feel or know, may be in need
But, it’s always best to follow this old rule
“If you can’t say anything nice, just say nothing at all”

  1. Avatar of Andy Bachman
    Andy Bachman says

    Thank you for sharing another awesome poem.
    I also enjoyed your other poem, here on Angie’s:

  2. Avatar of Starfire1712
    Starfire1712 says

    Thank you Andy..

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