Wings of an Angel


Strands of her hair fly into her eyes

as forceful winds of summer
batter a shoreline
it appears she is crying
deep in thought – thin hands
shield her from sand – flying.

On a calm day she walks as if
she had the wings of an angel
not tears, but mist on her face
as she faces the sea
a gust of wind cleans her mind
forgetting yesterday – images
left behind.

A blinding wind pushes her
back, shells rip apart her feet
she bleeds –
she hears the flapping of a
sea gull – above her
fighting it’s own war with

Waves have built castles in
sand –
she is pushed by the wind
toward the warmth of the sun

still – at peace in moonlight –
her feet identify grains of sand –
her lips identify salt, its’ taste
on her lips –

she feels stones and rocks
imagining – someone kissing
her, knowing the ocean –
she understands love –

if she remains an angel
along the shore
love will never be taken by
the wind.

  1. Avatar of Walter Reed
    Walter Reed says

    Very nice Nancy and moving it captures the Heart

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks Walter, I tried to make her dance along the shore, even while fighting with a past, she still sees love in her day. Glad you stopped in. Nancy

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