Why Wish it Any other Way?



On a brisk, breezy nip of autumn day
Feel the fervid foliation of fall
Why wish it any other way?

As lush leaves change color,
Trees fraught fiercely with flush, fiery orange to fervent fuchsia,
& then a red, rosy rouge, no ardor
I more emphatically adore.

A most mellifluous, magniloquence
Manifesting mirthful magnificence,
Gazing at the aesthetic graze
In its grandiloquent grace.

Generations gather
As if nothing else matters,
To witness with unassailable acuity,
the illustrious beauty.

Though it all pales in comparison
To that one person…you, my Dearest,
Whom I love most sincerest. Whether
Spring, Winter, Summer, or Fall,

All seasons in any weather
It all happened,
So sudden,
Much like that wispy, whimsy winter weather day
On a day similar to today

For those who dare,
when love imbues the air,
During that brisk, breezy nip
amidst the fervent foliation of fall.

Why wish it any other way?

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