Who is Next?


The lives of so many people including mine have been turned inside and out
The lives of so many people have changed for the
Worse no doubt

Their lives were normal just like yours and mine
Their lives were normal one minute and the next far from fine
It sneaks up slowly without a single clue
It sneaks up slowly inside anyone even you

Without a hint or even a word you begin to forget and then
You start to act as if you don’t know what, where or when
You forget your keys, your phone number and more
You have no idea that the worst is yet in store.

You’re driving a car and you forget which way
That you travel to work each and every day
Pulling over to side you begin to cry
Because you can’t remember the way even if you try

Starting to write lists each morning to help you know
What the day has in store for you while on the go
And just when you think it could not get any worse
You go shopping at the market and forget where you left your purse

You look around and try to think of where it might be
No even realizing, as you look that it’s on your arm where it should be
What could be causing your memory to go?
Dementia of course is about to make you slow

Down in your actions, your thoughts and you life
It enjoys creeping into your mind to bring you strife
It slowly eats away at you each day
Making your life difficult in most every way

Eating before leaving and going to the store
You stop for pizza and a whole lot more
You don’t remember that you just had tea
You don’t remember that you ate with me

And then you forget the names of so many who are dear
That’s scares you into going to the doctor to learn your worst fear
Yes, it’s the start of that dreaded disease
It will overtake you in time and with ease.

The doctor tells you that you have the start of this disease
Yes, Alzheimer’s has started to pick at your brain with much ease
Sorry to tell you there is little we can do
To stop this disease from destroying you.

I sat in the doctor’s office and cried
I sat in his office and tried hard not to run
Out of his office and into the blazing sun
Where I thought I could hide and get on with my life
But there was no way I could avoid the upcoming strife

By the time they realized it was too late
By the time they realized I could not tell you the date
Not even the city, state or my own address
It slowly ate   away at my dignity turns your life into a mess

Stem cell research is going on all over the world we know
The type of research that might make it disappears and just go
In time maybe there will be an FDA approved drug or cure
Before it’s too late and grief too many will still have to endure.

I closed my eyes and G-d leads me away
I even decided the time and the day
G-d led me to live in his private domain
Where I would learn from him and those in heaven under his reign

For those who knew me you will totally agree
I was smart, witty and funny as can be
My courage and fortitude to withstand this disease
Certainly did not let it win with much ease

Knowing wherever I am I will always be with those of us
Who like myself lived our precious lives without fanfare or fuss
Everyone that loves me that could be here today
I know is remembering me in their own special way.

I tried to be the rock that would keep my family together
I know I was the one you knew who knew it all
I made sure everyone toed the mark
I tried to picked everyone up when you did fall

To anyone who has a loved one with this disease you need to hang tough and remember the good times that you had with this person and tell them that you love them every day.  My Uncle Harold and My Aunt Judy were the best to my parents and my sister and me. I loved visiting there on Sundays and hanging out with my cousins. Those were the best of times and always will be now and forever.

Goodbyes are not forever
And nor is this the end
When the angels came to call you away
They took our uncle, our confidant and friend

You chose a pathway that brought you joy
Taking time to embrace each day
You appreciated the challenges that strengthened your soul
And the blessings in life that God sent your way

Love, Fran, Marcia, Keith, Ruth, Jeff

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    Paula Shene says

    Oh – can I relate

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