Where is Your God?


NOTE:   The first three lines came from a poem written by Jane Kenyon
and the rest of the poem I added in Fast Poetry, writing without
looking back.
god, Where is Your God?
It spoils my food and steals
my sleep, and looks at me saying,
“Where is your God now!”

People once filled a church
prayed for others and themselves
but God must have disappeared?

When lives are split in two and
no one had the chance to say goodbye –
did God plan for their departure?

And as I begged for your forgiveness
for anything I may have done –
To save a life, to save a life for just one year –

God was on the run.

So it does spoil my food when I try to eat
So it steals my sleep when I see your face
 It was time to ask after the kiss of death

“Where is your God – now?”

Nancy Duci Denofio (c) 2011 all rights reserved

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