Where Does your Blood Flow?



Where does your blood flow? What river gives you its roar?

On Inauguration Day…
For there is a Mississippi that floods my veins
And when I hear that roar in my temples, sounds of–
–Nashville like an angel chorus… and then it rains…

Through my heart… from the Appalachians to the gulf–
–of Mexico… across the truth of bluegrass plains
Till I see wide open prairies – and fall in love.

Where does your heart beat? Under the shade of what sky?
Do you feel my heart beating in tandem with yours?
Are our stars a canopy of common hopes, fly–
–the eagle over it – see if it hunts the same cures…

Where does your blood flow? What river gives you its roar?
Do you swim or drown when together we sail off?
And when you see the storm approach, darken near-fore
Does the wind take us both to the same shores, aloft?

Where do your roots grow? What feeds your body, your soul?
Are you grounded in some foreign earth, full of hate?
Or do you grow beside me, of one flesh made whole?
When the sun rises, or sets, do we share same fate?

I peered into myself today, my hope live is
Like the Rockies, full of pull and sense, homeward bound
The river I drink from is full of native bliss
Feeding my city, a Colorado soaked ground.

January 20, 2017

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