When One Wants


conceptions, When One Wants

My heart aches
I’m yearning.
Life’s simple mistakes
I’m burning.

Inside, endless conceptionsconceptions, When One Wants
my thoughts of you.
Why? Damn it,
why must I hide my feelings aside?

Caught up in a place
where I can say that I’ve tried.
Held on to love
that surely has died.

I’ve cried and cried.
Take the pain.
Take the sorrow.
Make me happy.

Feed my tomorrows.
I am but a person,
who has walked lots of miles.

Am I not entitled
to endless happinessconceptions, When One Wants?
A face full of smiles?

1 Comment
  1. Joyce White says

    Liked this. We’re all deserving of a face full of smiles. We have to make smart choices.

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