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What You Think is Not What I Am

You may think I’m a sorceress alone,

I’m a liar, I’m an ugly bone;
I’m a dumb fool, I’m an ugly plate,
That I’m an awful girl, dirty and wet.

You may think, I’m not for you,
I’m greedy, I’m untrue;
I’m not like Kate, I’m black and white,
That I bring sorrows banishing days so bright.

You may think, I’m just a jerk,
On a beautiful white page, I’m a black mark,
That I’m a black cat bringing bad luck,
I’m the ugly duckling of the beautiful duck.

But you may not know,
I’m just a poor soul.
Of the beautiful world,
I’m a poor little girl.

You may not know but I’m the same,
All long these days, I have survived in your name.
Instead of all happiness, to God I beg for you,
I want your happiness and that’s my happiness so true.

I want your love
Not a peace bringing dove.
You may not know
But I want you though.

You may think I’m just not for you,
I don’t say you’re wrong for you are being true.
But I want you for I have survived in your name
What you think is not what I am.

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