Weeping Willow And The Whiskey Moon


Weeping Willow

In the cool

cast by her shade

there under the tendrils

of her wispy limbs

breath held heavy on edge

in expectation of one who waits

she flows softly in the

absence of air and sets about

her ancient dance

the song of the cicadas calling out

full of lovers sighs and longing whirs

gently she begins to move

lower and lower reach her fingertips

to the bayou laid at her feet

dipping into the purple gluttony

of the lilies that drift

scented of deep earthy mud

and magnolias spent to burst

she whispers soft secrets to

the jasmine and mist

a willing captive to the tide

Weeping Willow opens her arms and lifts

silent voice in siren song

beckoning reflectively in easy waltz

slowly the whiskey moon is coaxed to rise

spinning out the mystery

shrouded in the velvet mists

she cries out as

dark falls on a southern night

  1. Kathy A. Barney says

    Beautiful! Captures the whole experience

  2. stella says

    Amazing! I enjoy everything you write. Can’t wait to say…”I knew her when”

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