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We Have No War

We have no war – now

even graveyards are gone
we have no forests or hills
cities disappeared
people slipped away

we are an element of space
no place familiar
no fraction of music can be heard
who would know our song
who would understand our words

we have no families, babies
no memories of growing old
no elderly or neighbors
no streets
we had no shelter to protect
us from the storm

we have no war – now
we have no warriors
no people building robotic arms
no bodies left or chips to protect
since technology no longer exisits

we thought we were safe
strong enough not to believe
vanishing from the planet earth
we never listened to words
written thousands of years before
here – was here

we have no war – now
we believed in near misses
meteors and strange objects
voices, truths brought laughter
now silence in crowded places

we experienced the silence
talked of a world with out  life – or a
date noted on your calendar, you recorded
on your personal tablet

we thought one button meant security
massive spaces of land would remain
while armed guards were told – take your positions
only officials came to visit, inspecting 
progress for survival

we have no war – no home
beneath the earth a safety net for few
protecting life as Noahs’ Ark
beneath a ground where a forest
flourished when nature was on our side
death predicted not by war – or a living soul

beneath the ground guards protected giant
spaces to be what it is today – without
armed guards – no longer does the giant visit
approvals are completed – a life lived beneath
a safety net in the darkness of deep
ground, to save few from distinction –

knowing all things must end
as prayers occupy the air for a living soul

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