To Watch Her Weep



To Watch Her Weep 

Frozen in her soft brown eyes
that tender touching stare. 
Reminds me of the failing skies, 
those gentle clouds of ware. 

Now as she bows her head to cry,
I see a falling tear.
Like rain cast from the sky,
but its sound I do not hear.

For where this tear falls I cannot reach,
to wipe it from the sky.
Its walls of hurt I cannot breach,
I can only wonder why.

The one before me would shed a tear,
and harbor the pain inside.
Does this beauty have no one dear?
No one in which to confide?

This I wonder as I walk on past,
as every person would.
No better am I than the last,
even though I know I should.

  1. Avatar of Jeannie Barber
    Jeannie Barber says

    I love the abstract creativity you use with your wording, Chandler. Truly, you are on the path to stardom! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Avatar of Peggy McDaniel
    Peggy McDaniel says

    I am so thrilled to finally read your good work..You have such a wonderful gift Chandler..I’ve read all you have posted and can’t tell you which I enjoyed the most, they’re all so beautiful..Keep posting and writing, God has given you a talent and Blessed you so much..He will continue to bless you if you love him and believe in him..I love You and I’m so Happy for you..Be good to yourself and others Honey..Grandma Peggy

  3. Avatar of Eleanie
    Eleanie says

    Beautiful. So beautiful. I think I know that weaping woman. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Avatar of Frances
    Frances says


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