Wandering with Eyes Wide Open


Wandering with Eyes Wide Open

Wandering with Eyes Wide Open

Wandering with eyes wide open,
but I still can’t see.
Caught up in the chaos,
needing to be free.

The inside is numb from the past,
hollow as an abyss.
Drowning in fake smiles and laughter,
proving nothing’s amiss.

Little do they know the pain,
how it lingers and takes hold.
Biting back the bitterness and tears,
slowly fighting back the cold.

Where is that sun?
shine down and chase away sorrow.
Come back to me soon,
your warmth I’ll borrow.

Fill me with hope again,
faith in the unknown.
Light my way to see again,
no more wandering alone.

  1. Avatar of Starfire1712
    Starfire1712 says

    Great writing..i could probably do a whole book on hurt & pain..emotional..not physical..Thanks for sharing..

    1. Avatar of Lisa Logue
      Lisa Logue says

      Thank you! The funny thing is, this poem was written from the point of view of a character in my novel. The emotions are mine, but the words are hers. Does that make sense? 🙂

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