Walk Away from Brick and Stone


a stranger hands you an envelope

you open it, and choose where
you want to travel – to a better
place, a brighter world
no longer in the street

a ladder reaches above oak
trees – you spread your arms
to fly away – fly away – as a
baby bird leaving its’ nest

for some a world beyond drugs,
without war, where your life
once again accepts love,
embraces love as you remember

a place too dance on city
streets without dodging
bullets – where the innocent
are lost – too dance like long ago
and hear the band play on

a gift of kindness – you must reconstruct
the old, let an arch of brick usher
you in – not keep you out as you have
rested too long against a stone wall
now take in every minute with a new
vision – called life

hostile territory has disappeared
no one stares when you pass on the street
now – you are safe, strong, and on
your own – but not ignoring those
who never walked in your shoes

a day will come when you will
deliver a simple envelope –
removing shadows of your past
giving back a life to those lost in
their own shadow

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