Waiting for my Baby


Waiting for my Baby

Waiting for my Baby

For nine long months
I have been carrying you …

Today, I crave
To hold you
In my arms.

Every time I have
solemnly visualized
Those two bright twinkles
in your sister’s eyes;

And often when your father
camouflages his anxiety,
I wish that you would
safely arrive!

We are all earnestly
Praying, hoping, and waiting,
so patiently…
Though sometimes the wait

Seems rather too long …
Every now and then,
when I can feel your wriggle,
It seems to me

as if you tell me
That you’re anxiously waiting
To become an enduring part
Of our small little family, too!

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  1. Avatar of Gabriel Constans
    Gabriel Constans says

    Beautifully said Sonica. I remember those days.

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