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Knock: strike a surface noisily to attract attention, collide with, strike someone or something so that they would move or fall. We knock on the doors with bended fingers: knock, knock, knock. Gogogoi, may we come in please, we say as we come into your heath. This is followed by a pause, a pregnant pause, the right pause, waiting for your answer. It’s a voice wanting to come out, knocking in, to come in
We knock upon silence for an answering voice
What if knocking could answer itself- knocking

Voices are sounds produced by the person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth, a speech or song, ability to speak or sing, the range or pitch or type of tone with which a person sings. It is a voice as speech or song. There are other voices like grunts, cries, clucks, sighs, bird’s voices, of the wagging laughter of water in Nyajezi River. Or the sounds of Madasanana creek’s water over flat stones sounds like people talking and laughing, kind of creepy voice. And, it’s the voice of Nyangombe River when it is flooded that has the biggest voice…it’s a droning voice, little music…it’s like anger. These are voices that talks, even a lot louder than voices as speech and song. Anger can talk, too; when we think it is the soul that’s talking. Voices are like a stethoscope detecting seismic vibrations, collecting, trigonometrically confusing, and calculating. Talk that calculates
A voice that talks
…are they voices that do not talk.
We talk upon silence for an answering voice
What if talking could answer itself- talking

To talk is to speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings, to be able to speak, speech, voice, discuss something thorough. I am utterly fond of talking, telling. Talk to me, please! He will talk your head off. We want to be silent some other time. Fasting; from talking
We are silent upon silence for an answering voice
What if silence could answer itself- silence

Silence as complete lack of sound, voice, speech, talk, a situation in which someone is unwilling to speak, discuss something, silences, silencing, silencer… Puutuuuuu… the sounds of the revolver spouting out bullets…it’s like her silences to me. It talks. When there is no voice: are we silent: death, die, dead…

Unsettled things scatter, float, whimsies
Like sentences coming undone in:
Syllables drifting to the surface
Vowels bowling down to the bottom
Consonants constantly going up and down
To the surface of the ocean, off the ocean’s surface
Our voices are our father’s voices

Our voice is the choice that we are
It is what we want to do, what we do not want to do, with our lives, with other people’s lives.
What do you want to do with me, my life, and lives?
Our voice purposes as a commentary
Our voice is ownership and autonomy
Commentary on Ownership and Autonomy:
Broadcasting (commentary as in sportscasting), explaining, expressing; belonging (ownership of one’s voice), possession: our own goal (autonomy), own goal. Jam Stap, stamping a ball past Peter Schmicheal. Or self-governing Dutch overseas territories into an own goal, that is, Greenland is to Denmark. Manchester united…Man Uuuuuu, late 90s, early 2000
A voice, in football terms!
Striding past all that all could be

In it we find, invisible forces of new words, invisible
Forces of words that are in a new space, places, times
Not Times Square!
It takes full control over-
Control, controlling, controlled, directing, limiting, regulating. Managing? Nikki.
Do you believe Nicki Manager; Minaj-ing, is talking the music world into a machine fantasy, is an ocean without water, talking, talking, talking…. On top of these empty ocean cruise ships, like Tom Cruise, a monster ship, Titanic, titaniking somewhere in the North Sea, harvesting seaweed for his friend, a girl Katy, Perry?

It’s just patterns of language, it creates
A voice that comes from, is
Demanding, pressing, paradoxical
Don’t run to the dictionary:
It’s a statement that sounds absurd, or seems to contradict, itself.
The dictionary will even contradict you, but may in fact be true; a person or thing that combines contradictory qualities, androgyny. Robert Duncan, on his poetical pedestal, knowing how to take advantage of androgyny and mood swings, saying, ….Thus, in actual world, the world as we call it, men “found” or founded signs of God (voices (of)for God), perceived and believed, and in this realized, that this being was all, and that one’s own existence was but part among such a multitude, inconceivable, of parts in the universe of that being, coexisting through time and space as Eternity, that self existed only in terms of that Being.
The real world, the world we know, the world we inhabit,
is God, is us, in our multiplicity,
is the being, is the universe.
Where the hell is hell, then?
Duncan, where the hell is heaven?
Us? Yet, he is right!

It is the presence of duende
Not Paula duende, in a song, its De Anda?
“Walk away”, “Walk away”, “Walk away.”
Sweetness accruing sweetness, telling you to walk way
From the beauty, from her voice
It’s not easy to walk away from beauty
It’s the inexplicable transfixing
Qualities, evident in her voice, in beauty
That gives us that feeling, chills
Mysterious, profoundly, this feeling?
I can’t even explain it, as you can see!

Are voices there for us to hear what’s not there?
Are voices there for us to hear what’s not there?
Did I repeat myself?
So, where there are no words
Don’t we hear?
Hear me, Lord, Oliver Mtukudzi belting out his plea to the Lord. It’s Oliver Mtukudzi, Tuku, or Kutu (the thin small or old dog), or senior Mukosoro (senior cougher), coughing out his plea to the skies, to his God. To be aware of the sound of the cougher in Tuku with our ears, to be told about, to listen to, to listen to and hear that voice inside your heart before it dies
Everything dies inside some kind of voice
Different voices respond to knocked-on silences
Knock, knock, knock….

This poem is about voices existing in ever shifting states
Between embodiment and disembodiment
Embodiment, Disembodiment:
Embodiment is to give a physical or visible form to an idea or quality, like voice, the voice, which is God, becoming flesh in Jesus, embodying the word, or voice again, easily into the believers(Christians…I don’t want to be unfair to Mohammad) hearts, include or contain as a part of a whole. Disembodiment is to separate from body, or existing without body, coming from a person who cannot be seen. God, the father, as fire, floods, Us, in resurrection. Noah! Even our Noah’s boats, our airy words, our bodies, are frail against the storms of the voice. You are reading me here but you cannot see me. I am disembodied in this text, in these words, in this voice. I didn’t say I am dead!
It is a state where the leaf
Flying in the wind says something
It would hear itself
A voice that lets nothing speaks to you
To itself
A voice that lets nothing touches what the story truly says
A voice that lets nothing feels what the story truly means
It is a voice as body, as unbody, as text, as sound

We think in words, in voices
Inside us, in languages
In civilizations, in cultures, in knowledge…
Knowledge, and this voice, compelled by hunger
We leave the cloud of ignorance, which is a cloud of despair.
Flip flop is how the movement sounds
What if all that is here, had not been there
Where an attractive sincere insincerity
Kills the pride of these accomplished things
Does not inspire value to the process

This poem is about how voices emerges out of nothingness
To be nothing, not at all
Can we quantify nothingness?
To have no voice is to talk in the language of nothingness
To create unbeingness in Beingness
This voice, in the unbeing
Is before human
What we see in the sky is a void voice
Before word, that is God
For never can we read the heavenly voice
Before sound
Before Eden
Before the big nothing

To be oneself, to be something
To have a voice
It’s the first being; to have a voice
It immediately assumes
A second being
A listener, it is me interpreting this voice, it is you hearing this voice
A listener is someone who gives attention to sound, make an effort to hear something, responds to advice, listening to word, to the voice.
Rocxette, the Swedish rock band, in the song, Listen to your heart.
This other that listens is
Self, paradoxical being
Can never truly be known
The voice is this being, in this being
Is post-human?

It arises in the slow time
In concentration, thought, craft
Gathering its evidence, luminality, limns in

It is the voice as notes, sketches
Broken down
By instruments of
Tensile thought, itself

We hear a voice
In the middle of intimacy, as of a boy and girl
Talking to itself
Finding its own existence
Like a paradox
It comes alive, unexplainable

This voice suffers
Like angels, the Lucifer
It wants power
Of being, wording
Talking, listening

This voice exists
As part machine
Part romantic
As any poetic venture
It must exist

The voice doesn’t exist
It dissolves, blue incense
Foam thick, it is fog, soupy fog
Driven off the mountain’s slopes
By a gunning 4*4

The voice decays
Through the process
From unbodiment to embodiment, from
Embodiment to
Disembodiment, to
Is simply no body (I didn’t say nobody), never like before, never after big bang (nothingness), creation. The voice before the before you know;
Was it silence knocking upon silence for an answering voice- silence?
Until the first speech, the air says: spring
The air taking over spring’s body
The air leaving behind winter’s body

The musics of this voice is found
In standalone through lines
Through-thoughts, through-words
Allowed to intersect, to impose
Each over the other
Creating a new measure

The voice forms
Stretches of thought
Is an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or that occurs suddenly in the mind, the process of thinking, an intention, hope or idea of something
Language through-thoughts
To the breaking point
Of wording, listening, of being

The voice forms
Stretches of thought
Thought through-language
To the breaking point
Of non-words, non listening

It doesn’t hear
It doesn’t record
It isn’t spoken
It isn’t heard
It is a state of

This voice begins to hear
Patterns of sound
It records them
In words, on sheets
Of paper, like this one
In the mind

This voice is anti-voice
Is capable, happens
Creates immense sensitivity
For the tragic irony
Of human

The voice is a no-voice
It is incapable
Of sensitivity, of
Of irony, tragically
Uncommunicating, is it

It achieves radiance
It accomplishes explorations
It bounds off to the unknown
It is a known
In an unknown

The birth of human apparatus
Language, civilizations, cultures
Is an over-arching dream
Capacitating, it is observed
In leapy, bounty, large pieces
Numbers, degrees, decimals…

The decay of human apparatus
Language, civilizations, cultures
Is an interval
Its displacement, observed
In fractional, fragmentary
Pieces small, decimals small
Degrees small

This voice is grace
Grace is a half-life
The voice is a state
The grace is its stage
Decayed, incurred
Through perfection
Through imperfection
From perfection
From imperfection

The voice before pronouns
The voice after pronouns
Slippages, death
New words flitter, type, titters
Unknown words flutter, furls, flying
Words in wrong places float, fluid, water
Flowing onto each other

The voice
Creates ideas
Creates dialogues
Images into life
Images into conflict
Images into dissolution
It is resisted until it reaches a state of softened sincere insincerity
It is ironized until it doesn’t hurt much
It is incepted to become words: language, civilizations, cultures…
It is killed, in a machine-death
The words break down the notion of this voice
The machine of me, like a knife cutting into the thick of things, breaks down the notion of this voice

This voice creates the-beyond-three-persons-worlds
In half-heard words that lie like dust gathered in the shadows
It creates the fourth person
Nothing addressing itself
ze and zis
Fourth person talking of
Third person’s actions.
As if
They were the third person
Themselves; herself, himself

It creates the fifth person
yo, yo, yos,
By avoiding the cul-de-sacs and corners of unwanted possessions
Of complex feedback
Of complex cycles
Circles occurring
It would seem

It creates the sixth person
Of impossible feedback
Of impossible cycles
Circles occurring
In the seventh, eighth…
ze, hir, hirs; ne nir nirs
epicene pronouns. Persons
In a voice not full of words,
But still saying a story more powerful than words.

The voice before first person world
The voice after the third person
It’s as if, the addresser
Were one of you
One of us; What if God was one of us, Joan Osborne in the 90s song
Is an intimate, definite you?
Defining you.
Can you tell yourself by the trails I have left across these definitions?
Addressing yourself
As a no one
As a no person
As nothing

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