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Unwelcome Visitor

Disparate shadows coalesce

and form a dark amorphous mass.
Through which no ray of light can pass.
It frightens me I must confess.

I know I’m truly terrified
although I know not what I fear
I sense an evil presence near
Some ancient evils still abide

For eons in a dormant state
but they don’t lose their potency.
They seek an opportunity
that happenstance might just create.

Which frees them to materialise
Still potent and malevolent
By long established precedent
We do not choose to recognise.

That demons did and do exist.
We ignore the evidence
because it seems to make no sense.
And so we stubbornly resist.

I do not choose to disbelieve
the evidence of my own eyes.
I saw him form I’ll see him leave
I watch him dematerialise.

It was a strange experience
I very rarely talk about
Which seems to me to be good sense
Why should I give you cause to doubt.

My honesty, my sanity
What you believe is up to you
Although you can’t be sure it’s true.
Silence protects my dignity.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

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