Travelers’ Incantation

Travelers' Incantation - Martin Lewis - Late Traveler 1949
Martin Lewis – Late Traveler 1949

Dragona Locomortum!
Upon the clouds she flies.
Frangelic voices,
scream out in praise,
greeting her death, grace-
full in her wonder.

Ceramic air, suffocation,
Dragona Locomortum!
Through the woods, traveled,
footsteps whispering fortunes,
speaking of witches,
flipping switches,
pushed into ditches.

Velvet disposition,
a happiness reborn.
Dragona Locomortum!
Down the paths of fields,
fallow and barren.
Not a dime to loot,
black soot,
on black boots.

Splendipicious magic,
it really is tragic,
how you believe the whispers.
Dragona Locomortum!
In your house… safe?
Your face, now pale?
Those steps, in jail,
letters in the mail,
a curse, to all avail.

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