Train To Somewhere


Train To Somewhere

Train To Somewhere

Train stops and many board
boarding passes needed and money for the train
and the snack train is filled with kids playing
cards and eating candy-filled
noises of laughter and stories of old and new
old stories told to
make new friends and
bond on a ride

A ride ridden to somewhere
train zooms
high speeds ahead
over hills highlands
high housetops and skyscrapers
over train tracks
over the meadows where cows moo
a train goes further
further to somewhere

Kids playing slapjack and
fathers drink Jack and Coke
trading industry secrets while
baseball card trading happens
with a group of boys sitting on the floor
they get scolded
by a train personnel
man until he sees
the cards being traded are worth
so much money
money his family needs
to survive in
tough economic times
they, his family
are one check from homeless
and Ashley needs
new shoes for school
her shoes have half
a sole and the kids
with little souls make
fun of her

He, the train personnel man
sits on the floor with the boys and
trades money and candy
for cards to make 10 grand
yet goes to church one
day the following week
heart-pounding he
understands he stole glory
from a kids land
train to somewhere took
one man to church
on his knees he wept
told no family
just a Priest at church
to cleanse his soul

He was able to fix the transmission
on his wife’s car
buy shoes at payless for the
family and fuel her car
and buy a cube steak dinner
and because of those cards
scattered and flipped by boys
he bought toys
for the boys at his home
and Ashley
Ashely got blinking
sketchers and is the cool cat
in school now
yet the dad walks with
his head down into
church for what he
has done they won, the family
but he lost

Lost his heart and soul
to steal for meals and shoes
cube steak and more
his family scored
he went back
back on the train
that same train the next week
and did many good deeds
to refuel his need to suceed,
within his very soul
on a train to somewhere
somewhere more honest with his life.”

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Brings back fond memories of train trips in my childhood Meg 😀

  2. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Meg, beautifully felt and expressed. Thank you!

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