I never expected
the gravity of your wings
to singe me
to the soul

the stinging of the pain was welcome
for I felt my selves
only to be resurrected

in another form
touched by an Angel
Graced with the beauty a
desire to give over to adoration

a longing, needing, ache to be cured
not only in word
based on action
but burned to the soul of me

I was
turned completely outside in
outer, inner-she
burned for that

which was only felt
never spoken
never implied
it started with words

that led to a smile
which ended in tears
for its inception was not clear
and now I know the boundaries

I must tread
for charred may I be,
but like Phoenix in the morning
the purging brought transformation

and for that growth
I would do the same again
for I was touched.

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