Totem Pole


Totem Pole

I am bear. My strength supports my clan. My long reach proves the ancient lineage of my ancestry.

Under my left foot, rat lays flattened, as I squash disease from my people. My face snarls, defending us from all aggressors. Mouse whispers in my ear, telling me of safe trails in the woods. On my shoulders sits otter.

Totem Pole

I am otter. I embrace my children with love. We play in celebration of the wonderful world we live in. We slide and swim amongst friends, especially beaver.

I am beaver. My broad tail smacks in warning of danger. My skill builds lodges to protect us from the elements. I mould the terrain to provide shelter and food.

Water is my element. All who drink from my dam will prosper. Around my body twines snake.

I am snake. I watch in silence for wrongdoing. Action is swift for liars, cheats and the cruel. I slither into minds and untap intellect, turn experience into wisdom.

I slough my skin in growth as trees shed leaves to mark the passing of time. Above me treads moose.

I am moose. I hide in full view where only the perceptive sense me. On my nose sits ant, whom I honour and respect for his sense of community.

My courage gives energy to the brave. I shape-shift at night to bat to regenerate from life to death to life. On my antlers resides spider.

I am spider. I bridge life on earth to the world of spirits with my elastic web. All is one. I aid those lost to find their path to destiny. Creativity and persistence are embedded in my nature. From where I sit, I see squirrel.

I am squirrel. I gather stores for hard times ahead. Trust me that the more you give the more you gain. Work and play go hand in hand.

Butterfly flits by, sharing beauty and gentleness, but not all is as it seems; pay attention to the elders. Above me flies eagle.

I am eagle. My wings carry messages to the spirits. My claws bring gifts and visions to our people. Do not judge others before looking within; perch before soaring. Only the patient eye will spot the salmon in the ripples.

I am salmon. The bonds of blood and place are strong. Swim the sacred waters against all that prevail against you. Live in honour of our heritage. Those who return will be reborn at the foot of bear.


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