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Torrent of Time


The wall crashes
in on itself.
Water pours;
a deluge of liquid,
bursting from walls
built to last.

Erosion of years,
wasted away strength,
cracking foundations,
splitting seams
beyond barriers.

A torrent of time
passes beyond walls,
spilling over
into life as we know it.

The aftermath is staggering.
The terrain, unrecognizable.
Souls maimed and fighting
for a hold on reality.
But reality is in the eye
of the beholder.

A flooded house is not house.
It is a broken down reminder;
what once was, will never be again.
A fact,
shared within moments
of reconciliation.

The water logged walls
cannot be saved.
They must be torn down.
Piece by piece
until there is nothing.
Only a blank canvas
on which to build
a new life.

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