To the Fearless…


anwar el-sadat

To the fearless…

Fear is the ultimate tool for destroying the soul
Fear will destroy the individual and the people
Yet there are men who know no fear, are un-shattered, whole
Fear… fears them it seems, they lead from the moral steeple

Banish bestial banal fear utterly and be free
Be like the sand of the Sahara, dry and unformed
Your mind is your own, conquer tedious reality
Be like the Sphinx of Egypt, silent, primal, unmoved

The enslaved seek after that which they do not possess
Once acquired the possessions become the masters
Never mind the hunger of the mass-media distress
Most modern calamities are man-made disasters

Punish petty puny greed utterly and be free
What the heart does not beat to, exists not, is unreal
See the Bedouin, own only what you can carry
Let only water, bread and blood be your living seal

“There can be hope only for a society which…
…acts as one big family, not many separate ones.” [*]
Well put, but isn’t that always the breaking point, the hitch?
For the family lives on in each of the fertile sons

Furnish family freedom autonomy and be well
Be like the Mahdi and liberate the closed fearful mind
For only in the heart’s blood does freedom freely dwell
And peace is the happiness of good neighbors in kind.

Note [*] Anwar El Sadat

  1. Avatar of Frances Ayers
    Frances Ayers says

    Great poem as always Konrad!

  2. Avatar of Liliana
    Liliana says

    Love your poem.

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