To Bob Dylan: Constitution of the USA


The year 2012 – it happened in the city of brotherly love, when those men signed their name to parchment paper, and nothing has changed, but the world.

Yesterday – Today – and the Future and the Government


A Different View on the Constitution

I don’t want to experiment, inventory,
or participate in mindful talk or wishful thinking
drowning like a graham cracker in my Grandmother’s
cocoa.  What you have doesn’t take a doctor to
know the score – read all the words, but I had to
purchase all thirty two volumes – of some antique
Constitution – it makes no sense – to those
to compromise, however negative or positive.
It is a social situation, needing more

than one discussion – it’s our history, our
anxiety, and sensitivity – causing us to
experience a severe, acute – stress disorder.

Contrary to the negative, however – positive
it’s due to the mind in this situation where I
sit and discuss our discussion unlike the first
builders of our country – in a red brick building
only to declare a constitution written on some
paper, signed by men – in black.

Well once I finished all thirty two volumes
inaccurately characterized because they never
lived with so much compromise nor thought every
thing was would end up war and greed – I recall –
peace by with you – heard that a few times, can’t
remember where but it left a permanent reminder
why I tend to seek a reason for the dead.

To my surprise it was no compromise or any
planned event – we spent time discussing all
thirty two volumes – somewhat out of date for
for this time and place – but who can remember
passing words one afternoon in September when
people came to talk, drawing up some papers
for some fancy writing – like all the doctors -.

So a reflection or reaction suggested some
new evaluations of those thirty two volumes
emerged within our heads – inaccurately
characterized evaluations to provide a gem for
those men bored in some red building – when they

Pretended to make music with some thing shaped
like my harmonica, music, providing satisfaction –
even some knowledge as to why?
In search of some flash back, what they considered
forever – even drugs never help you to know -.

However – negative or positive it was the positive
of the negative solution of their social situation
while needing more discussion – but their anxiety
left the discussion to the wind – their sensitivity
was some where I had never been, and they
caused such an acute stress disorder while we
struggled through thirty two volumes –

Just wanted a discussion, concerning the current
situation, to lift you up, bring on the anxiety from all those
left inside holding in some acute stress disorder, where
a group of men – far back then – made plans for us
to follow in our own place or time, so I suck down
one more drag of some gift you turned over –
been a long time – without anxiety.

It’s too late for your experiment – it’s golden plated,
carved, printed, written, memorized, and saturated
your brain – no wonder your doctor called it an
acute reaction to a situation you could not – control.
Why do you read or inventory, participate, as you try to
understand men in long black coats, and tall black
hats?  Men who write with some funny fountain pen,
all dressed alike, in white wigs, as their voices echoed in the park –
where women strolled beneath an umbrella on a hot summer day.
Unknowing tomorrow was a long time to believe in
what’s right is always right when wrong – not talked
about back then.

So tell the doc – next time – it was part of the first
constitution and it needs some resolutions to keep
up with today – tell the people to inventory, participate
clear their heads and concentrate – and no – don’t
stamp your head clear your – not – cured.

Unlike the rest of us you tend to hide from your
potential, or distinguish to the others how your mind
is designed, examined, it’s your potential in
society – they didn’t recognize what you wouldn’t
categorize as wiser – for they weren’t designed to
understand where you stand.

Correct your acute stress disorder, by something
natural, not giving to the greed of society, but it’s
our land, told us back where I just can’t remember
not to stop your recollection, but it’s only their
words written – some long written list like the ten
commandments to give us a brief image of ourselves.

Mask your desire with a clinical solution, read if you
require to try to pick apart buried brains of people
who never knew you – or cared too – or really showed
you who they were – without letters on a piece of paper,
signatures like a doctors – creating your life to be as
close to perfect as they believed.

So you disrupt the external with a simple little kernel
to spring on with creativity and cause this reenactment of
a physical condition when your head is put together
with white thread and silver needles, you disrupted
your external – clinical situation – from absorbing
thirty two volumes of the past.

Everyone’s got a history of anxiety, sensitivity, or acute
stress disorders that – causing a discussion with a
doctor who never listened – then you found me,
and I brought you medication so we could cut to the
creative image still upsetting your mind, masking your
desire to digest, not swallow whole volumes of a lifetime
when Presidents were few and Congress came like cattle
to a city of marble;  don’t they disrupt your participation –
toss out that  prescription.

Don’t let it stick to your cells inside your head, don’t let it
pull you apart with every thread – it’s okay to be fearful
from some brief communication followed by the image of
the external – clinical situation – but your history of
anxiety, and sensitivity – caused this acute stress disorder
which you covered up by wearing a false mask –

Don’t worry over some damn explanation, in the long or short
verses of a situation which occurred too long ago – while

you were dreaming – about living among those elected – officials.
So don’t stretch the imagination or fill your head with questions why

some men signed a foolish piece of paper, unknowingly without reading
all the words between thirty two volumes like those written inside a
brick building
as if they too could cure – your stress disorder.

You know – rules should have been adapted in our Constitution
to change resolutions – stretch their imagination, using
potions by those who really owned America – but we
got stuck in the middle of social situation – caused acute
stress disorders – even if threads weren’t broken – we
have experienced their external living situation – and they
expected it to remain – the same.

So we get the same damn explanation with every damn
election as to why we can’t do things to make it easier
to live – some deep down desire on the other side of
the table has a spasm of a theory that bursts into the
atmosphere – bet – they never thought we would walk on
the moon.

It was horseback, barns, hay – sure the hell it wasn’t
knowing what tomorrow would bring – besides – more than half
their life was over then – now we live longer needing
more attention from these acute stress disorders caused –
by their hurried solutions.

As they scratched ink onto parchment paper with some
fancy resolutions that haven’t changed since the first
printing press was established in the “City of Brotherly
Love” – as they all agreed to what we needed back
when I can’t recall – but now all are buried in some
fancy looking vault.

So we had our discussion about some social situation
that hasn’t changed since Washington rode his horse
into the country, making friends with those who made
potions for his – own – acute stress disorder.

It hasn’t changed since the threads of time tangled
up our brains, believing nothing stays the same except
for some scribbled signatures on parchment paper –

under candle light inside a red brick building – men signed.

It’s no wonder we look to the external when the internal
world is like ink, smudged, unknowing and scratching a
surface of our world – imagine them with white wigs…
So we are stuck with the decisions of some dead men
who gathered in the middle of some room –

No wonder why some hippies make the medication,
or write and scribble your prescriptions, they don’t
have to worry about the external world – it’s the damn
explanation why we must obey what men in black with
some top hat drew up on some long table where voices
echoed until they agreed –

That acute stress disorder stopped many a good man
from sticking out their neck – cause no one is perfect
in this world of situations where it began for people
we see drawn inside a book – nothing real except the paper
it’s liberty – but theirs – to take us to where we presently
stand without a solution to the problem at hand.

There is no explanation for our desire to escape such
clinical situations where we all recognize mistakes.
So pretend to play some music with a harmonica – tell
your story in short intervals – let the threads stretch into
your mind. Remind them it was yesteryear when such
rules came to play – it’s your internal well being they
never considered – for some parchment paper with a
bunch of rules for us to follow hundreds of years ago.

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    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Bob Dylan. An always enigmatic figure. Thank you for your perceptions, Nancy. We all wonder….

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