Thunderbird Reincarnation


Thunderbird Reincarnation

Thunderbird Reincarnation

I’ll take your attempts at playing surrender
with just a pinch of salt
cause there’s hardly a grain of truth
to the lies that you profess.

You stand with perfect posture
declaring that the world is stronger
and if you’re not careful you’ll surrender
to the passing of time,
in a purposeful ending
but we’ve been here before,
at least 10 times or more.

You teetering on the edge
with your hidden harnesses
and your safety net below.
Just testing the waters of my compassion
and counting the tears I’d shed
for your demise, in front of me.

But you can only play wolf so many times
and I’m not falling anymore
for the desperation in your cries,
so just step back down,
remove the hidden strings and ties
of your best Thunderbird reincarnation
and we can talk
if you promise to not talk of surrender
to the lies of old words.

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  1. Avatar of ImpressMe69
    ImpressMe69 says

    This bought tears to my eyes…
    Sure it wasn’t written about me?

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