This Great America (poem)

Old Man And Axe

My eyes tell the story, memories here;

Life on this mountain, so happy and pure.

Hard working hands, callused, old and sore;

Seen and done a lot, still much more to do.

Heavy tools to handle, no power saws;

Hack wood most days, sweaty muscles aching;

Proud of my work, no other man’s laughing.

Time to think and dream, loving what I’ve done;

Daylight is my friend, darkness for resting.

Simple living, no deadlines or demands;

Old fashioned ways, what’s everyone doing?

Slow the pace down, breathe deep now look around.

Humble man of few words, with so much to say;

Years to me unsure, I treasure each day.

From  author Andrew J Boyd’s new book “This Great America”
available at:

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