This Great America Poem 2

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This Great America Poem 2

This Great America Poem 2

The innocent look of being afraid;
Scary, the sound, buzzing clippers won’t hurt.
Close to my ear, I shall not close my eyes;
Focused on Mommy, it’s almost over.

Being so brave, I deserve a sucker.
And staying so still, can’t wait till it’s done;
My brother looks on, no worries for him;
I’m the one in the chair, losing my hair.

Thinking about all my big boy rewards;
Ice cream and candy, or maybe a prize.
From baby to boy, I’m now growing up;
Many more times I will need a haircut.

No more in fear, taking it like a man;
My first big boy haircut, how cute I am.

From the book:  This Great America

  1. Avatar of Margo Barotta
    Margo Barotta says

    this is a great story thank you Angelica i admire every link every blog you posted on facebook ,every story you posted has a meaning .

  2. Avatar of Angie
    Angie says

    Thank you Andrew for another splendid piece of poetic proze!

  3. Avatar of Mary Hammersmith
    Mary Hammersmith says

    Simply Brilliant! You certainly have a way with words!

  4. Avatar of Giusi Mastronelli
    Giusi Mastronelli says

    I agree with Margo, wholeheartedly. This is also a wonderful poem!

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