Thinking Independently


Thinking Independently

Thinking Independently

The ability to always see the positive side of a situation,
There is a very simple solution to your complex financial problem.
When digging the hole is too deep stop digging,
Complex financial problem stop spending money. (Simple)

Don’t sweat today’s news — it should be almost all positive.
The most recent failed attempts at matchmaking
Might be working out after all – okay,
Well so maybe that fix-up didn’t go as planned.

True prepared to be thanked profusely for initiating it,
Stop digging, frustration and looking on the brighter side of things.
Especially with the people who just love pushing the buttons.
Well, put a smile on the face instead of a scowl.

Stress for you and your honey, but you’ll make the best of it,
Those skills are many but rely on them heavily every day.
Rose is many positive things to think about,
Each paddle of a rose is just one more reason for positive love.

A positive smile on a face instead of a scow is heavenly,
Heavy but not to wear shows the frustration isn’t the brighter side,
Yes, for initiating it, but life and love are so much more.
Displaying any aggression will do you more harm any time.

Stay focused on the task at hand,
Never give up on the possibilities of a happy ending
Self-fulfilling prophecy can be yours.
That’s a great opportunity to prove that to oneself.

Thinking independently (all by yourself)
When you’ve got such an original mind and an incredible gift,
The self-expression to having a great opportunity!

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