They Say You Have Children


They say you have children

not sighted – but blind –
The say you have children
protected, and kind.

And your children are gifted,
but you haven’t the time.
You won’t take a day to be
sighted, not blind.

They have their senses –
transformed it to love
a touch and a feeling,
an archive of time.

You know you have children
they have taken your name
they are one in a million –
If you just understand…

Their life will be different,
you’re freighted to see
how people observe them,
without eyes to see me.

You know you have children
they were given your name,
using their senses,
they learned to survive.

So we have the knowledge –
you find the time –
Your children will treasure
your love at their side.

They say you have children,
gifted not blind.

(c)2011 all rights reserved – Nancy Duci Denofio

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