The True Meaning of Gnosis


The True Meaning of Gnosis

The True Meaning of Gnosis

Knowing of who we are,
what is our true self
as you find yourself;
you are more than a body –

Science is a method 
it does not mean
it always works
meditation and traditions –
as we live our life

Art tells us the why and when –
where it is painted – our life
has a space – unfolds in time –
art brings grace to our life –

Yet some say life is suffering,
so how to survive the suffering
is the real meaning –
yet we have a mystical power

Philosophy – our time is limited –
I could say,
“don’t be trapped.” 
have the courage to
follow your heart –

Gnosis – Is the God within us –
Gnosis is always present

Our external is what we
carry internal, as Emily Dickinson
“spreading wide our narrow hands
 to gather paradise”

On a daily basis
we come against things
difficult or joyful – so
we live in the moment –
the past has happened,
the future is unknown –

obtain your objectivity –
listen – and acting
is what today is –
we all know the Gospel of
love – love is what brings us together”

(my review following a meeting on Gnosis)

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  1. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    and the final answer is always – love

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