The Stalker


The Stalker

The Stalker

I am asleep, I have yet to wake to this world
Shadows of the night-now-past rule my mind and soul
Yet the rain penetrates my heart, firmly grabs hold
Coldness flows into my veins, my blood is drained whole

Blesséd are the meek who know how to take abuse
Blesséd are the blind who can’t see the world’s dark ways
Blesséd are the deaf who hear not screams of the muse
Curse her, for she cries from the rain-drenched alleyways

A vamp who stalks the Underdark of the city
An assassin of the heart who targets grown men
You’ll know her by her red and white cape, she’s pretty
A black lioness in the flesh of a woman

She crawled into bed with me last night, stole my sleep
My blood is cold, my soul is taking a new leap.

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