The Social Worker who Killed


He played little league and made it to the championship –

He sliced her apart – dumped her into a trench near the field –
He returned the next day to join his team, play baseball as their pitcher;
he was given an award for best pitcher.

He stood on the alter –
His white robe touched the floor as he made the sign of the cross.
A knife in his hand, he carved a cross on her chest to remove her heart.
He dumped her body near an open field near his church where he wore white.
Mothers and fathers smiled at the altar boy.

He made the honor roll, gave the commencement speech at graduation.
He placed body parts into bags and tossed each one separately into a dumpster
near his high school.
He obtained a scholarship to Harvard and accepted.

He received a master’s degree for social work to remove the evil
from our streets – from the street . . .
Inside he made love after he tied her to a bedpost – told her to talk before
his hands were placed around her neck.
The social worker walked.
The social worker walked.

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