The Rose


*A poem I wrote many years ago, in my teens, and published in a national poetry anthology. Enjoy!*

A solitary rose,
Soft, pink, and warm,
Stands all alone
In a raging storm.

Its petals are broken,
It’s beaten with rain.
During the storm,
It feels so much pain.

No way to communicate,
No one to care,
It stands all alone
As passersby stare.

They admire its beauty,
They savor its smell,
Unaware of its pain
And its night of hell.

The rose stands alone,
So strong, pink, and true,
Unable to confide
That inside, it’s blue.

  1. Lara Grand says

    Sweet & Strong!
    Cheers Mysti.

  2. Frances Ayers says

    Love the way you personify the Rose.Beautiful write with excellent rhythm!

  3. Mysti Parker says

    Thank you both!

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