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The Puppet I’ve Become

I’ve let myself fall from mind,

in hopes of pleasing you.
Now in me I can no longer find,
all that made me true.

This person starring back at me,
through the mirror on the wall.
Is only who you’ve made me to be,
not really me at all.

Lost in the workings of your hand,
away from thoughts still sound.
Trapped in this hour’s steady sand,
within the glass I am bound.

Always doing to please your will,
simply a puppet on your string.
Your desires the only ones to fill,
I am just another thing.

All the while you pay no mind,
to the last of me that dies.
Burning beneath the chains that bind,
my pain escapes your selfish eyes.

Nothing of me seems to remain,
as my heart withers away.
Day upon day I suffer this pain,
there is nothing left to say.

For I am the puppet you control,
never to equal more.
My heart has reaped the dealing’s toll,
I’ve lost my human core.

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