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The Nasty Side of Life

The nasty side of life

The Nasty Side of Life - Rene van Helsdingen trio, Mark Edward Fuller, Lain Barbier, Victor de Boo

The Nasty Side of Life

The nasty side of life
Comes without warning
In the blink of an eye
Changing your prospects
From good to appalling

One minute you’re there
Laughing and drinking
The soul of the party
The next flat on the floor
Blood pressure sinking

When young and gullible
You blithely carry on
With careers and coupling
Restricting misfortune
To the unlucky one

But once you pass 40
Stats tell the real story
With almost one in two
Nobbled by nastiness
Retirement plans end poorly

If you knew what’s coming
Would you go on at all?
Given four weeks to live
On the first day of spring
Or a twin-tower fall

Life is a bitch, we say
Life’s too short for complaining
When the last-ditch appears
Raise your glass and hope
For a happy ending

There’s no great escape
You can fly to the moon
By a cryogenic crate
But the nasty side of life
Always comes too soon

Still, you have believers
Faith in lord and master
Ducking the big question
What good will their God do
At life’s next disaster

There’s no escaping fate
Just a matter of waiting
Till procreation done
Evolution moves on
To new bouts of mating

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