The Naked Horseman


The Naked Horseman

The Naked Horseman

Nothing captures the blink of an eye, smite the storm
If there is a star that blinks twice it is a soul
It is the drop before the sound that makes the form
His name has remained echo-like, a stain of bole

When the chill aligns with the moon, he reappears
A phantom on the topography of space-time
And here the numbers vibrate till a poet hears
One can’t clean the bloodbath of the Gąsawa Crime

I sing to you from the heart for it alone cuts—
–a path worthy to follow, naked on horseback
A rider in the night, a spear into the guts
Of the last true Prince of Krakow – by a failed claque

Murder in the ashen night, Wolfen Piast’s passing
I mourn you Leszek the White, you should have been King.

On the 787th anniversary of the assassination of Leszek the White, the Piast Prince of Krakow, and High Duke of Poland at Gąsawa in 1227 on November 24.

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