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The Mind - A Brain Frontier - paulson_proud_atheists
You must be out of your mind! I must be out of my mind.

I must be out of your mind.  You must be out of my mind.

Are we of one mind? Whose mind?

There is no mind.

Where is the mind?

We have individual minds. I know my mind.

I don’t understand your mind.

We have a collective mind.

Do you mind? I do mind!

Please mind me.

Where is your mind today?

I am going out of my mind.

The mind is in the brain. The mind is in the body.

The mind is immaterial that doesn’t reside IN the body.

It floats; around it an din it. It’s inside and outside the body.

It’s bigger than the body. The mind is just chemical processes; nothing more.

Where is the scientific proof that the mind exists?

All we know for sure is that the mind is a created concept; an idea and a word;

…and we have a personal experience that this word/idea describes

Or do we? Have we created our experiences? with limitations in our own mind?

or is it scientific fact that the mind we have is what our ideas say it is?

And what about the soul? Are the mind and soul the same thing?

Or do the mind and soul meet somewhere and if so, where?

Who today is the almighty intelligence to tell us the truth about our mind?

Who is daring enough to explore the mind…as a true explorer, not as spectator by

brain scans and anatomy analysis but by courageous acts to act as no one has ever acted;

to explore human experience beyond the reaches of the already defined and known?

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