The Match


The Match

The Match

I light the match, and I drop it into the fireplace
I see the smoke billowing, and I can feel the heat on my face
I see the match turning into ash; you see
No longer able to ignite, no longer able to provide heat for me

It is cold outside, and the cabin is really chilled
I am stuck inside due to a snowstorm in which many were buried or killed
The snow has closed the highways, and the lights are out
There is no way for anyone to rescue me; I have no doubt

I have two more matches and one large candle to help me keep warm
But, as I look through the window, I begin to see the outline of a form
I do not know what it is, and I see it coming closer to the cabin door
It could be a bear, a deer, or worse, someone that wants to see no more

I have no lights, and I hide in the other room so my face in the fire does not show
I see him enter the cabin, and his face frightens me, you know
I have no weapon, and I have no one to protect me from harm or worse
All that I can find is something sharp that is in the bottom of my purse

Standing near the burning fire, I see his face quite clear
I know that I am in trouble because it is he whom I fear
I came here to sort out my feelings and more
I could not stand the unhappiness each day had in store

I hope and pray that he does not decide to stay here all night
I hope that he does not decide to search the cabin or notice my cup that I left in plain sight
The snow has subsided, and I start to hear the plows coming up my path
Hoping they get here so, I do not have to deal with his wrath

As he hears the sound of the snowplows coming closer, you see
He turns around and comes closer to the door and opens it, and finds me
I hold this sharp object pointed directly at him and pray
That he does not come closer because I will protect myself in every way

Looking straight into my eyes, he sees the anger and fear
Looking straight into my eyes, he does not see a tear
Turning around, he hears someone shout out and call
He runs out of the cabin and down a large slope, and he does fall.

I come out of the room, and I light another match
I hope that whoever called out they will catch
Him before it is too late because I know he is not hurt
He fell down a large slope and into some solid dirt

A mountain climber and hunter, and man people fear
I slowly close the cabin door and stand by to hear
I get closer to the fire and hopefully will stay warm
Hoping that I will no longer have to see his form.

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    Brandon Jones says

    Excuberantly intangible 🙂

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